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Our Story

PetZone is made up of a group of highly equipped veterinary clinics which were started by Dr. Leena Dalal. In 2001. Dr. Dalal first started out in Churchgate, Mumbai, with a veterinary clinic that was fully equipped with all round pet care services. Thanks to the success of PetZone Churchgate, Dr. Dalal teamed up with Dr. Deep Vasudeo, our in house physiotherapist, and started a new venture in Mahalaxmi in 2011. PetZone Mahalaxmi is fully equipped as well with a highly skilled veterinary team. PetZone opened in Goa in 2015 and in Powai in 2020. In 2019, Petzone Surgery, the dedicated surgical wing of Petzone was inaugurated. Petzone surgery is a state of the art superspecialty surgical unit offering Orthopedic, Interventional as well as other specialty surgery options. This could only be done due to the huge success and hard work of all the dedicated staff members at all PetZones. All PetZone clinics offer full services, such as an x-ray, cardiac consultations, physiotherapy consultations, grooming facilities, pet supplies, surgical facilities, and most importantly medical and surgical diagnostics and treatment. PetZones all over provide the same great care and results that every parent wishes to receive for their pets. From all the staff at PetZone we welcome you to our family and hope you are pleased with our service.

Services: Medical Treatment & Advice, Dentistry, Surgery, Ultrasound, Radiology, Grooming, Vaccinations, Pathology, Endoscopy, ECG, Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy

Our Team


Dr. Leena Dalal

BVSc&AH, MVSc (Surgery)

Dr Leena has extensive experience in Veterinary medicine and Surgery over 30 years. She has trained in surgery, imaging and various aspects of General medicine both in India and internationally, and continues to regularly update her knowledge and training.She travels between all the PetZone clinics, reviews all the non-routine cases and is always available to give advice.

Dr. Deep Vasudeo


Dr Deep, in addition to an all round veterinary education at Bombay Veterinary College, has been trained in hydrotherapy and physiotherapy at Greyfriars in the UK. He excels at treating musculoskeletal conditions and has assisted many a dog with full recovery from lameness and orthopedic surgery. He keeps his skills and knowledge of general veterinary medicine sharp with continuing education courses and workshops and is engaged in the endless pursuit of finding new and creative means to help lame dogs to walk.


Nita Joshi

Nita Joshi has a diploma in Canine Behaviour from the British College of Canine studies. She is also a certified hydrotherapist and Galen massage therapist. She helps owners rehabilitate behaviour issues, and works with our lameness and post-surgery orthopedic cases to rehabilitate them.


Behroze Mistry (PetZone Churchgate) and Tina Wisby are engaged in grooming with love at our Grooming Centres which are veterinarian supervised. Trained to properly groom, bathe, clean ears, clip nails, and give a brief examination, our grooming centres are held to the same high standards as our clinics. Our Pet Groomers aim to keep your pets happy and will always listen carefully to provide your pet with the haircut of your choice.

Behroze Mistry
Tina Wisby

Support Staff

The number one goal of our Support staff is to care for you and your pets like family members. You will see them at one of four stations; 1.) the front desk, where they will welcome you and ascertain that your needs and your pet's needs are met, 2.) the telephone station, where they answer all your telephone calls, understanding the vital information necessary for our veterinarians and act as their liaison, 3.) the pharmacy, where our challenging training program demands that they learn the names and uses of over 500 medications, along with our computer software designed for the veterinary clinic, and 4.) Assisting the veterinarians with the treatment of your pets. Our Support staff work both in front and behind the scenes to assure you will get excellent service.

Front Office Staff





WARNING: Images may be graphic to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Rabbit with Mange image

Rabbit with Mange

This rabbit first came to us with a bad case of mange. Mange can cause rabbits major hair loss due to continuous itching as well as abnormal crusty growths all over the body. PetZone vets were luckily able to assist his recovery immediately and improve his health in just 2 weeks! Your pets can receive the same life-saving treatment and successful recovery at PetZone Churchgate, Mahalaxmi and Goa!

Traumatized Sparrow Image

Traumatized Sparrow

This tiny hatchling visited us after having a run in with a cat! Luckily the chick was perfectly fine, just a little traumatised from the meeting! He was feeling much better after having some electral water fed to him and we were able to release him back to his cat free home.

Toe Amputation Image

Toe Amputation

Some dogs just have too much fun running around on a farm! Maia Lewis was one of these dogs who just couldn't help but get her toe caught up in some wire. Luckily our Churchgate staff were able to amputate her little toe before any infection spread. You can see Maia's toe one day after her surgery and once completed healed! Also, notice Maia is not too happy in her cone! The staff at PetZone were able to amputate her little toe before any infection spread. You can see Maia's toe one day after her surgery and once completed healed! Also, notice Maia is not too happy in her cone!

This surgery is just one of the many services PetZone is able to provide your pets!

Routine Neuter Image

Routine Male Neuter

This is the very handsome Royce Mahimtura. He came in for a simple neuter and our PetZone staff could not resist having a mini photoshoot with him post operation. The neuter helped decrease Royce’s aggression, made him friendlier towards others as well as decreased his chances of developing prostate cancer.

Split Palate Image

Prince's Split Palate

Prince Maluste came to us after falling from his 6th floor house. Fortunately the only major injury he suffered despite the fall from this height was a split in his palate, but he required surgery immediately so that he could eat without the fear of food and water going into his lungs. Our veterinarians and surgeon were able to stitch Prince's palate back up within 20 minutes! He has completely recovered since the surgery, and is eating and drinking water as normal. He also provided his owners with lots of entertainment when he woke up from his anaesthesia and ran all over the house like nothing happened!

Michiko's Amazing Recovery

Michiko first came to us when she had trouble walking. She would slip to one side and couldn't balance her own weight. This was because she had loss of muscle mass and a neurological deficit in her hind legs. Michiko was treated with physiotherapy at PetZone Mahalaxmi and within 6 weeks she was showing improvement. She would try and jump onto couches at home, and run and trot away without falling or slipping. The physiotherapy strengthened her musculature and stimulated her nerves, which helped her get back to her usual happy and playful self! She was even able to swim after her last physiotherapy session without any difficulty and has been very active ever since! You can see her walking before and after her physiotherapy sessions in the video below. PetZone can provide your pets the same kind of treatment which can help them get back to their happy selves!