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You may notice that your pet has recently been breathing heavily while sleeping or resting and gets tired easily after playing or walking. There also may be a hoarse sound coming from their throat when they breathe which often turns into a cough. These symptoms can be related to heart disease. Heart disease in pets can often remain hidden until advanced stages, but with early diagnosis and appropriate treatment, your pet can live a longer, healthier life with you and your family. Chest radiographs will give us an idea of what your pet’s heart looks like. In this way if it looks slightly larger than normal, further tests can be run to determine if he/she has a heart problem. An ECG is a non-invasive test. The heart’s electrical activity is recorded by attaching small contact electrodes to the limbs and chest wall. This allows recording of electrical activity onto paper printed from the electrocardiograph machine. ECGs are also used to detect heart murmurs which will help our in house cardiologist at PetZone Churchgate make a decision on your pet’s treatment.