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At PetZones located in Churchgate, Mahalaxmi and Goa, our veterinarians can provide your pets with the right/appropriate dental advice and care. Proper dental care can reduce the risk of heart and kidney disease amongst others which can be caused by periodontal ailments. Dental disease can cause your pet a significant amount of pain and you may notice that they begin to reduce the amount of food they eat. In order to avoid this we carry out regular dental check-ups before the disease can affect your pet’s behaviour and health. We know that it can be daunting and not always the easiest task to brush ones pet’s teeth on a regular basis. Therefore we are well equipped with providing your pet the best and most advanced dental care while simultaneously checking for any other health issues. We can provide dental scaling and chewsticks which can help your pets keep their teeth clean and serve as an excellent, and sometimes mint flavoured, snack!