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We know that for your cat, dog, or any other pet, nothing will do except the best grooming services. Regular grooming is an important aspect of leading a healthy life for your pets. At all PetZones we offer grooming from dedicated professionals who will ensure your pets look beautiful at all times. We not only ensure that your pets are cleaner and look more attractive, but also enhance their general hygiene and overall health. At PetZone we do more than just shampooing and haircuts, not to mention ensure that your pets smell great! Your pet can also receive regular health checks and medicated baths for skin conditions. Shampoos for medicated baths contain chemicals used to kill bacteria, fungus or ticks/fleas. In order to keep you and your pets safe during this process, we insist that our groomers carry out the medicated baths for you. This is to ensure that no pet or owner accidentally ingests any shampoo as well as that the shampoo is used as effectively as possible.