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All animals deserve compassionate veterinary care therefore we strive to provide the best care for your pet. PetZone Veterinarians are trained to treat a variety of animal species from dogs, cats, rabbits and birds to farm animals. We suggest annual check-ups for young pets and increasing the frequency as your pets age. We perform routine physical exams which are important for a pet to live a healthy life. A routine check-up ensures that our veterinarians listen to your pet’s heart and lungs, try and identify any unusual lumps as well as any other health issues they might have. A physical exam is critical in catching/spotting problems before they can become life threatening. We provide microchipping, cardiac and physiotherapy consultations across all clinics. If your pet has slipped off their leash during a walk, run away through an open front door or been stolen, microchipping will help us identify them and their parents within minutes. It is also essential for pet parents who travel abroad with their pets.