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The process of taking an x-ray is least invasive and pain free and helps our veterinarians better understand what is happening inside your pet’s body. The process may take 10-15 minutes after which we are immediately interpret the images of the x-rays. X-rays can help identify broken bone, diseases, cancers and infections. X-rays also help veterinarians formulate a medical and/or surgical treatment plan for your pet in a short amount of time. At PetZone we email the x-ray images to owners so they are easily accessible at any time. This is specifically beneficial for specialist consultations such as cardiac or physiotherapy consults. We are constantly in touch with all veterinarians at every clinic location. We can therefore ask for a cardiac consult from our in house cardiologist at PetZone Churchgate while your pet is being treated at PetZone Mahalaxmi or PetZone Goa.