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As your pets age, PetZones are able to provide the specialised care and attention they may require. There are a number of challenges a pet can face when he/she has aged. One of these is a decreased activity level. You may notice that your pet is no longer willing to do some of the things he/she used to such as greeting you at the door every time you come home, or playing fetch continuously. This is simply because as pets age, their sight and hearing abilities decrease and they become more sedate. Activities such as running or playing also become difficult as they can cause joint pain from arthritis or other medical issues. Arthritis is perhaps the most common cause of pain in older pets and they will avoid movements which cause them such pain. Across all PetZones we provide x-rays for identifying arthritis as well as treatment options such as hydrotherapy and oral supplementation. Another challenge older pets often face is circulatory problems. Dogs more commonly experience heart problems when compared to cats. Rhythmic disturbances, cardiomegaly and heart murmurs are some of problems associated with the heart. At all PetZones we provide cardiac consultations from our in house cardiologist to help identify and treat such problems. You can find out more about your pets’ treatment options in our Cardiac Care section. Kidney disease is also common in aging pets. At PetZone our veterinarians use advanced diagnostic tests to determine the status/functionality of your pet’s kidneys such as blood tests and ultrasounds. Should your pet be diagnosed with kidney disease our vets will prescribe a change in diet and an effective treatment plan to help your aged pet live a longer, healthier life.