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Many pet parents become instantly worried when they know their pet requires a surgery. At PetZone we are able to provide your pets the safest possible options during surgery using only the most advanced equipment and technology. Surgeries can benefit your pet’s health, thereby increasing their life span. Common procedures such as a spay or neuter can help your pet live a happier healthier life. Spaying refers to the removal of a female animal’s reproductive organ while neutering refers to male reproductive organ removal. Spayed and neutered pets do not feel an inner crisis as a result of the surgery. We also specialise on laparoscopic spay and retained testicle neuter surgery. Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive procedure which has a faster recovery time for your pets as compared to a normal surgery. There is also a reduced need for a larger incision line resulting in less pain relief required by the animal. Pet parents are also put at ease once they know their pets cannot have offspring which may be difficult to rehome or put in a shelter. Diseases such as pyometra and prostate disease also have a lesser chance of getting passed on to younger generations. Aural hematomas are common in dogs and cats as they are constantly shaking and scratching their ears. A hematoma occurs when there is a build-up of blood and fluid between the skin and cartilage of the ear. You will notice a soft swelling on your dog’s ear which may be a sign of a hematoma. Aural hematoma surgeries are very common and frequently carried out at PetZone. Your pet is given instant pain relief from the fluid build-up post-surgery. Surgery, however, is not a permanent solution as hematomas are known to reoccur as you can never completely stop your pet from shaking his/her head!