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At PetZone we are entirely committed to providing pet parents with the latest in medical technology and treatment. Ultrasounds are used to create an image of the organs inside an animal’s body in real time. Before ultrasounds the only possible way to identify a problem in an animal’s body was to find it during surgery. However, ultrasounds are minimally invasive and do not expose your pet to any radiation while allowing us to examine and measure the size of structures in the body in real-time. Ultrasounds can also help identify the position of a foreign body, saving surgeons valuable time in searching for the item and reducing the amount of time an animal is under anaesthesia. We have years of experience in reading and interpreting ultrasonic images which can lead to saving a pet’s life. Your pet’s life can be saved in minutes with an ultrasound reading while causing no stress or pain. Should we fine any irregularities in your pet’s organs, we will help devise a treatment plan and give you all the options you need to make an informed decision about your pet’s future.